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by | May 23, 2023


A message from the Designer and CEO of Divine.

My brother and I have worked hard to grow our family company to where it is today. We take pride in our work and in our relationships!

Divine is more than a brand. It’s a family.

We are the kind of people that go the extra mile to build relationships, not clients, spending time getting to know who our buyers are beyond the job, meeting their spouses and kids, and discovering what makes them happy.

We are proud that our retailers have become more than just business partners over the years…and some over generations.

I am extremely lucky to say that I wake up every morning happy and ready to work. I know it sounds cliché….but I really love what I do. I love the creative energy that surrounds conceptualizing a new design, hanging out with amazing people every day, and building a brand that stands on its own within the industry.

I started working in the family business since I was 10 years old and one day I will pass it down to my kids for them to leave their own unique imprint on the company.

And so the Divine Legacy will continue!
Perfection is our obsession ®

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