Company History

by | May 23, 2023


Perfection is our obsession.

Divine is a 100% family owned-and-operated establishment that has been passed down from father to son to grandsons.

We care about the details and the quality of our designs, knowing that our rings are a symbol of love and devotion. Ever since our doors opened in 1955, we have obsessed over filigree, shanks, and the 4Cs in our voyage to become the best in our industry. From design to creation, we are devoted to our customers.

Three generations later, the DIVINE detail can be seen in every piece!


Our process is in-house from start to finish.

We are two brothers, opposite in nature, but aligned in our passion for what we do.

Between the two of us, not a single piece goes by unseen. Every stage of the process must pass our inspection, from design to finishing touches. Every line and curve has to be just right.


We do not work behind closed doors!

Over time tastes and trends change, and the world around us continues to spark our inspiration. In the unique curve of a building…in the pattern of tile in a trendy new restaurant…in the lace trim of the dress of a stylish girl walking by.

The world around inspires us. You inspire us!

Our engagement rings merge contemporary style with old world flair, bringing together a unique look to last a lifetime.

Perfection is our obsession ®

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